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Find the nexus of PR, Social Media and SEO

Here at TopRank, we’re cognizant of SEO in everything we do. There are numerous applications for SEO and Public Relations as there are many ways in which social media and SEO can intersect to amplify outcomes. There is a nexus between PR, social media and SEO, and savvy PR agencies activate connections between all three, making them play off each other for increased visibility on multiple fronts. By participating in the social web with the goal of PR, you’re buy twitter followers no password going to inspire attention for your brand. And attention on the web almost always equals links. Links earned from PR in tandem with other link building tactics can be a major boost in both rankings and referral traffic. Plus, editorially earned links are some of the most powerful around.


How will you measure success?

For some, success is making the cash register ring and that's it. Those firms will have to track metrics and watch to see if posts in social media bring customers in and help them convert. For others, social is about building up a brand name, satisfying customers, or generating inquiries or names on an email list. All of these outcomes are valid ones. Be sure you know what you want to accomplish before you start, so you can plan to measure your efforts. If your boss wanted sales, where can i buy twitter followers and you only deliver fans, it may be a very hard conversation at the end of the quarter. Pick a few measurements and set up a way to track your progress, even if it is a simple spreadsheet that shows growth of fans over time. Track time spent on social and make sure the metrics are proving out the investment.

Your Business Content On Each Site

Whatever social networks you engage, learn how it works so your business can take advantage of all the work you’re putting in. You want to ensure you don’t stick out by failing to know how to participate. For example, on Pinterest, adding prices to photo descriptions creates a banner alongside the image, so that followers can easily see buy twitter followers no password the cost of the products you’re featuring. But avoid missteps like posting too much of your own content too quickly (Pinterest will delay your future posts) or adding a PinIt button alongside a Flash photo album on your website, since users won’t be able to pin the content!

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